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Methodology section illustrates the way you will approach your questions. Despite the fact that there are several ways and types of researches that can be employed in constructing the dissertation, specifying, the type of design in this section is most recommended.

Essentially, the research design is very important in conducting a good piece of work. It helps a researcher to understand exactly what they need during the research. In particular, there are several types of research designs that you can use for your dissertation. They include, historical, case and field, descriptive or survey, correlational or prospective, causal comparative or Ex Post Facto, developmental or Time series, experimental, and quasi experimental research designs. Mainly, at the beginning of the research, you need to set out clearly the following issues

The research focus together with the research question. This will help you to select the appropriate research design for your dissertation.

Secondly, you will need to propose how you are going to examine the main topic of the dissertation. This will include, the approach that you will employ, the methods of data collection, and the method of data analysis. There are mainly two approaches of examining dissertation topics, that is, qualitative and quantitative. A dissertation may adopt either qualitative or quantitative approaches, and sometimes, there also may be need to utilize the two approaches together. The choice of the approach will largely depend on the suitability of particular approach to the topic, and your preferences and abilities.

Similarly, there several methods of collecting data, that also should be specified in this section, specifically primary and secondary research. Mainly, the approach will have a say on which method of data collection. For instance, while primary quantitative data contain such methods as self-completion questionnaires, structured questionnaires and structured observations; the qualitative data collection methods, on the other hand, comprise of methods like in-depth interviews, focus groups and participant observation. It is however, important to note that the choice of method of collection of data must be justified.

The different data analysis methods can be broadly be classified as either primary or secondary analysis. In empirical analysis, you analyze the data that you have collected, or is available, in order to address questions that may take different forms such as, why is y changing? Is y changing? Is why happening? Why is y happening?

Moreover, in the methodology section, it is crucial to specify how you will access the sources of information, whether they are existing datasets, people, biographical accounts, websites or official records; the proposed outcome of the dissertation and the time-frame for the research.

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