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Three attributes make up an effective online writing platform. They are quality writing, responsibility in guaranteeing confidentiality and finally client care. These attributes are essential in ensuring that the services provided by an online writing platform are effective hand satisfy the clients. These platforms come as a relief to many students who find it hard balancing between class work and social engagements. Even so, these platforms are avenues that students can use to develop their writing skills and at the same time achieve good grades in school. Custom-wrtitingis an academic wring platform that has been in the market for long. It has helped student’s write creative and unique papers at minimal yet competitive prices. This review will analyse three aspects that make an effective writing platform including the services provided to the clients, the prices and finally the additional features use by the platform.

Online writing platforms are all about service delivery to the clients. These services must be designed to meet all the needs of the clients in the market. Customwritingoffers numerous services to their clients. The services include;

Custom, just like other online writing platforms charge a small fee for the services provided to the clients. The prices used by this platform are competitive enough to ensure that all the students can afford. Furthermore, the prices are used as a guarantee that the services will be of top quality and delivered on time. The prices are offered in full consideration of level of education (high school, college, university, Master’s and PhD), level of urgency/deadlines and number of pages.

All features used by any online writing platform are aimed at ensuring that the client can easily manoeuvre through the site with ease. Furthermore, the features help in saving a great deal of money. The features used by Custom-writinginclude;

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