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We cannot often swear that each and every wound the head was due the use a weapon. On the other hand, the presence grass, sand, gravel, etc.

in a wound presumptive a fall and the origin the wound in this manner. In case a fall from a height the wound or wounds might write my essay students in almost any part of the body, the vertex or elsewhere. Such a fall may the result accident, suicide, or murder. It not unusual for female complainants ascribe their wounds a fall exculpate custom coursework writing the prisoner, especially if this happens her husband.

We should remember that in the scalp or over the eyebrows a contused wound caused a blunt instrument may resemble an incised wound.

As already stated, however, if the wound is fresh careful examination will lead a correct opinion, and the use a sharp instrument may disproved.

If the wound is not recent there great difficulty in judging the cause.

It well caution against accepting the interested statements others in regard the discount essay writing service use a weapon, unless the character the wound bears them out very strongly. There may a bad motive for imputing custom assignment writing service the use a certain weapon the assailant. It far better rely solely upon the evidence furnished the wound in such cases.

It would useful if could lay down report writing help for students some general rules discriminate between wounds caused the blow a weapon and those caused falls, but this are unable as to cover all cases. Each case must judged itself. If the question asked luhich two iveapons caused certain contusions or contused wounds, are still less likely to able answer In such a case must make an accurate examination the form the wound and compare it closely with that the weapon. In such cases also the second source information which base our opinion as the relation a weapon the wound may use, dissertation binding namely, the examination the weapon.

The presence blood, hair, cotton professional custom essaysparaphrasing worksheets 5th grade or woollen fibres one two weapons indicates that this was the weapon used.

The presence blood particularly write my paper apa style to looked for, and in those parts the weapon from which it could washed off least easily. We should further note the condition the point and edge the weapon, and if the edge broken or nicked at all, whether this condition old or recent. The sharpness the personal essay writers edge should further noted, and if the edge sharp note whether has recently been sharpened. All these points have a certain bearing the help with writing a thesis statement for a research paper case. Also the location, shape, depth, etc. the wound should be carefull noted see if an accidental fall would likely to account For these features the wound may such We see, therefore, that in incised and punctured wounds the use a weapon may not hard make out, but that in general the question M hether a particular instrument caused the wound often difficult or impossible answer. Often the best can say that the wound could have been produced the weapon. IV.

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